Posted on Monday, March 16, 2015

Can Your Ears Really Show Your Age?

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Hearing loss isn't always obvious. A lot of people dismiss the symptoms thinking that they're too young to have hearing loss. But is your chronological age an accurate way to determine how well your ears work?

Hearing loss can happen for many reasons. The lack of awareness around signs of hearing loss means a television turned up to high levels is more likely to be defined as a bad habit or rudeness instead of a hearing loss symptom. Today more young people are encountering hearing loss. This means the ears are becoming a far less trustworthy gauge on how old a person with hearing loss is. Your ears play an important role in your life, but being an accurate reflection of your age isn't one of them. Still if you'd like to test for your self, here is an inaccurate but interesting video to help you get a sense of how well you hear for your age group.

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