Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014

Hearing Aid Reviews: Alta Hearing Devices

Alta hearing aids are Oticon's most sophisticated listening device.

Once upon a time listening devices hired the volume on all sounds, so everything became louder. Scientist quickly learned this wasn't a great idea when someone only needed to hear certain sounds, like someone talking at your restaurant table and not at the table next to you. Today's listening devices are more precise, focused, and directional, and have made great strides in producing what hearing device manufacturer Oticon calls, "personally tailored sound." Among the listening devices that achieve this high standard is Oticon's Alta line.

Your hearing is personal to you. No one hears like you. Without even being aware of it, your brain focuses your hearing on what you want to hear, diminishing what you don't want to hear. Your ears allow you 360 acoustics that give you a perception of the room without you even turning your head. That's a difficult bar for hearing technology to recreate within a tiny listening device. But Oticon's Alta has risen to the challenge of not only being able to identify frequency, pitch, location, and many other details instantly, but also doing so in a way that can be specifically tailored to each individual.

Oticon's finest hearing technology to date, Alta is packed with groundbreaking features that can be easily adjusted to an individual's needs. This personal preference is achieved through computer software that enable an audiologist to partner with their patients in creating a listening experience completely suited and unique to each person. In addition to finding out important lifestyle details from the patient, like activity level, an audiologist uses this sophisticated software to introduces a series of different sounds. This process helps identify the hearing style that feels most natural when compared to a patient's own. After the technology is programmed, the listening device will use this information to adjust the hearing aid in various listening environments to meet the individual's personal needs and preferences. That's pretty cool. And that's not all. Below are some of the features available within the Alta product line.

Alta Features

  • Pin-point voices while diminishing unnecessary background noise with Alta's Speech Guard E.
  • Spatial Sound Premium learns your preferences for awareness of certain sounds, helping you to clarify sounds you wish to hear like speech.
  • Free Focus Directionality programmed to meet your personal needs and employed only in specific situations this feature allows for easier communication in crowds, restaurants, and in other extreme background noise situations.
  • Whistling and feedback shields prevent compromised sound quality and artificial sounds.
  • Water, dust, and debris seals help protect the delicate instruments within the Alta hearing devices, which are additionally nano-coated to repel water and moisture.
  • Below is a video that summarizes the functionality and message that Oticon wishes to get across about their product.

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