Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Hidden Benefits of Ears and Hearing!

Woman in profile shows ears are amazing!

Your hearing is amazing! Think about all the things that go into making sure you are able to pick up subtle fluctuations in sound every day. Your ears identify frequency, pitch, location, and many other details instantly. That’s because all the delicate parts of your ears, and your brain, work together to bring you the wonderful and complex sounds that make up your environment. Not surprisingly, studies show taking care of your hearing has a greater impact on your overall health than previously understood.

Your Ears—Not Just A Handy Place to Put Your Glasses!

Not only are your ears helping you to pick up sounds, but they enable people to understand and communicate complex ideas, mundane thoughts, and jokes every day. Communicating with others is not only an essential part of human interaction, hearing and understanding others and being able to have them understand you is your right. The cool thing about your hearing is it’s not just about hearing or communication!

How quickly would your get to your doctor's office if you knew that just changing one aspect of your health care would impact all the following areas?

Increase Income
Strengthen Relationships
Reduce Discrimination
Reduce Frustration
Reduce Depression
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Paranoia
Reduce Social Phobias
Reduce Self-Criticism
Increase Self-Esteem
Increase Overall Health
Increase Ability to Concentrate
Increase Communication
Increase Social Activity
Increase Feelings of Self-Worth
Increase Physical Well-Being
Diminish Unexpected Incidents of Falling

The encouraging truth is that all of these areas, many of which are related to aging, can be impacted when you take care of your ears! Taking care of hearing as you age can help to support physical health in subtle and important ways. For example, the brain’s central auditory system works to interpret and decode the electrical signals sent from inner ears. This complex effort can strengthen brain health and elasticity. See, your ears are extremely useful and, interestingly enough, are as unique as your fingerprints.

How Often Do You Check Your Ears?
Good hearing health is the best way to keep your ears functioning at their top, most youthful. Many people don't get annual hearing tests, disregarding this important sense because of its faithful reliability. Respect your hearing by having an annual hearing exam and your ears will help keep you healthy and tuned in for life!

If you'd like to learn more about how to take care of yourself and your ears, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

Quote of the Day!

"Treating my hearing loss and adjusting to hearing aids took some time to get used to, but hearing again was an amazing gift. Life quickly opened up around me. Things I had not realized I'd been cut off from were revealed to me. It's amazing how much you can accept silence without recognizing that that silence hides what you are missing." Anita Chambers

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