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Hearing Aid Reviews: Phonak

This family knows manufacturer Phonak provides hearing aids for all ages.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to hearing aids and hearing aid manufacturers, but not all companies or hearing aids are created equally. According to hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak their “life is on” mission, aligns with their goal to, “improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss." So how are they doing? Do their products, reputation, and support of those with hearing loss match up to their goal?

The Company
Begun in 1947, Phonak, headquartered in Switzerland, is part of the Sonova Group. Phonak has an impressive record, manufacturing hearing aids and developing technologies that advance the sciences of hearing loss, and continuing to fund research into how the brain and hearing work together. Recently, Phonak reported on a study that showed children with dyslexia can benefit from the use of a hearing aid. It is cutting edge uses for their products that continue to benefit society as a whole. One of the most impressive parts of this company is their support of Hear the World, a non-profit organization that is truly “improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss.” This organization was founded by Phonak and has programs worldwide that creates opportunities to help those with hearing loss gain freedom and equal opportunity.

Phonak Technologies

Frequency compression is an important part of what makes a hearing aid not just an amplifier, but a piece of technology that is able to capture and related sounds that might otherwise be lost. One of the most impressive developments in the latest Phonak hearing aids is, SoundRecover. According to Phonak this non-linear frequency compression, “is the only effective way to extend hearing by restoring high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible.” In other words, they deliver sounds you might even know you were missing.

Understanding speech in noise is a continuing challenge for manufacturers of hearing aids. It’s especially difficult when it comes to improving the serious issues of children and learning. Hearing is essential for children to fully participate in the classroom, rather than sitting their struggling to understand. Roger is a new system developed by Phonak to help children hear better in the classroom, but it also provides answers for adults in listening situations like boardrooms or lectures. According to Phonak, “Roger, offers a scientifically proven breakthrough in signal-to-noise ratio and finally eliminates the hassle of frequency management.”

Phonak Hearing Aids

A hearing aid that can shower, exercise, and is invisible? Yep, there actually is such a creature. It’s Phonak’s Lyric Hearing Aid.

Phonak's Lyric (Extended Wear): Designed for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, Lyric is a Completely-In-The-Canal hearing aid or what Phonak calls Invisible-In-The-Ear, meaning it's completely invisible. This hearing aid delivers high sound quality and can be worn 24 hours a day for up to four months. It is a true marvel of hearing technology in that authentic sound is captured by using the natural shape of the ear and also because the hearing aid is so close to the eardrum. The soft exterior provides comfort and because it’s disposable, it never requires charging. This hearing aid is a lot like contacts. You wear it for four months than throw it out. A year’s worth of Lyric is purchased in advance, so when you’re done with one pair, you simply return to your audiologist and have him insert the next one.

CROS H20 Phonak introduced the first ever water-resistant CROS hearing aid, CROS H20. The Phonak CROS family of hearing aids makes single sided hearing feel more like hearing with both ears. Phonak’s CROS system wirelessly delivers this 360 sound into the one hearing ear. Advanced features include: One touch synchronization that allows volume or program settings to be easily adjusted. Sound Flow means hearing aids adapt seamlessly adapt to different environments. Real Ear Sound a highly advanced system that mimics organic sounds. Water, dust resistant, and wireless technologies are also great features of the CROS H20 model.

CROS 13/In-The-Ear

CROS 13 is a unique In-The-Ear hearing aid that can be focused in a bunch of different directions and the longer lasting size 13 battery. Advanced features include: Sound Flow to allow hearing aids to seamlessly adapt to varying listening environments. Real Ear Sound a highly advanced system that mimics organic sounds. Open Ear that decreases occlusion or the feeling of having a stuffed ear.

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