Posted on Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hearing Loss Problems

Female covers her ears to symbolize hearing loss problems

Problems with hearing loss range from the mild to severe, and yet many times the impact on everyday life goes unrecognized. The slow decline that often happens with hearing loss is why many people remain unaware of the problems with hearing loss and the detrimental impact not treating hearing loss has on economic, emotional, and personal health.

Safety: In a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins and funded by the National Institute of Health, one of the problems with hearing loss is an increased likelihood of falls. Even people with mild hearing loss were shown to have a greater chance of losing their balance.
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Family: The problems of hearing loss includes the fear of not being able to react or respond appropriately in a given situation. This worry plays a role in how an individual views themselves and sometimes can cause anxiety based reactions that increase tension between loved ones. Complicating this tension is the common denial and depression associated with untreated hearing loss.
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Mood: The slow or sudden transformation that occurs with hearing loss—whether to an individual or to family or friends of someone with hearing loss, can take its toll on mood and vitality. It isn’t merely adjusting to a single deficit, but how that new reality problems with hearing cause every day. It is a whole body, whole mind, whole life transition that can cause much stress and lead to depression.
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Mind: Hearing is a remarkable ability and the result of tiny and delicate instruments within the ears working in conjunction with larger parts in order to produce electrical signals that are interpreted as a myriad of sounds by the brain. The brain is of prime importance in sorting and categorizing these sounds. Interestingly enough how well the brain functions may also be tied in with the level of sound the ears deliver. Problems with hearing can affect how the mind works.
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Work: Not treating hearing loss costs the average person 12,000 a year, and the collective monitory cost of untreated hearing loss is thought to exceed 100 billion dollars a year. It is believed lower salary of people with untreated hearing loss is due to more mistakes made by their inability to engage in every day communication.
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Often people with hearing loss refuse to seek treatment. They claim different reasons, the stigma of wearing hearing aids, high cost of technology, and sometimes it's more personal reasons like a feeling of unworthiness. Whatever the reason, the problems with hearing loss can slowly take over every aspect of a person's life. Make an appointment with a hearing health provider to make sure your hearing is the best it can be. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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