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Hearing Aid Reviews: Best Buys

Hearing aid in woman's ear

Hearing aids are an important investment. They enable better communication and can make life easier and more enjoyable, but where you buy hearing aids can be as important as the type of hearing aid your purchase when it comes to price.

Hearing Aid Reviews: Best Buys in Style
When it comes to a getting your money’s worth from a hearing aids, most people agree that Behind-the-Ear hearing aids are the best style when it comes to price. Some people are hesitant to use a Behind-the-Ear or BTE hearing aid, because they assume that hearing aids outside of the ear aren’t discreet. In fact, that’s not true. Today’s BTE hearing aids are extremely discreet and by far one of the best buys you can find will be in this style of hearing aid. Want to know more? Below is a small BTE tutorial

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are very discreet and rest, almost like your glasses would sit, behind the ears. Because they are not limited by the space inside the ear, they can accommodate a larger, more powerful battery and amplifier. Sound travels from the outer shell of this device through a tube that inserts into the ear canal. Directional microphones, multiple listening programs, telecoil, and Bluetooth compatibility are available features.

BTE Benefits:

  • The BTE hearing aids can be used by anyone with mild to profound hearing loss.
  • Can be worn by children
  • Because of the larger body it can house greater amplification
  • Come in a variety of colors from bright and bold to colors that blend with skin tone.
  • Available with directional microphones and feedback canceling features
  • Easier to handle, clean, and remove battery
  • Can choose between digital and T-coil
  • Basic models are very affordable
  • Hearing Aid Reviews: Best Buys in Features
    Important new studies about pitch perception in music, speech, and sound location mean that today more is understood about hearing and hearing aids than even a year ago. These discoveries have gone into refining the latest hearing aid technology. The latest technology will incorporate this research, but that doesn’t mean your hearing aid needs to be loaded with all the bells and whistles. Most people will do just fine with the base model hearing aid. The latest base model hearing aids have the benefits of today's advanced technology without unnecessary or unaffordable features. There are base model hearing aids for all the major brands of hearing aids, and though hearing aids aren’t always covered by insurance, when they are the base models are the ones most often covered.

    Hearing Aid Reviews: Best Buys in Place

    The Internet is a great resource for information, but when it comes to prescribing, diagnosing, and treating medical conditions such as hearing loss consumers are losing out. Hearing aids purchased online are costing people with hearing loss more than they know. Not only because hearing loss is a medical condition and requires proper treatment from a hearing loss specialist, but because fitting a hearing aid is something that requires a “hands on” approach. Hearing aids typically require several professional adjustments before they are aligned for an individual’s precise needs. In many instances a hearing health care professional will have specialized equipment to make the most precise adjustments needed for comfort and optimal hearing. In addition, consumers are losing out when purchasing online, because their hearing aid warranties are not covered by manufacturers.

    An audiologist is a hearing health professional with eight years or more of education in hearing and rehabilitation of hearing. A Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) or what most people call an Audiologist is educated and trained to prevent, identify, and assess hearing disorders, as well as to provide treatment—including hearing aids and other assistive listening devices. An audiologist is typically trained in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology/Communication Sciences and Disorders before they even begin the four year program necessary to become an audiologist. As a result of their graduate education, professional certification and license, they are the most qualified hearing health professional for hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aids, and assisting patients with hearing disorders. Unlike purchasing hearing aids online, an audiologist can help you find the best hearing aids for your type of hearing loss and will take the time to make sure you are satisfied and therefore more likely to use your hearing aids.

    Club or Chain Store
    Because there are many big chain stores to choose from in a given area, it can be as easy as finding out the days the hearing aid section is open and going to the store to get an appointment. However, because big chain stores are balancing their time between multiple interests, they might not have a hearing aid specialist on staff or even a certified audiologist. Though pricing for hearing aids at big chain stores is generally less than a doctor's office, they also tend to stock hearing aids that are a few years behind in technology. Also, they have a limited selection, and don’t offer the same broad scope of service and support found in the office of a hearing health professional. People can also lose out on repairs when it comes to big chain stores or clubs, because of limited hours and because chain stores and clubs insist on software made exclusively for them, so that having the hearing aid repaired elsewhere is impossible.

    There are a lot of options for getting the best buy on hearing aids today. Often it is a matter of weighing the pros and cons for each of the above items, to find what purchasing plan best suits your lifestyle and needs. Shopping for hearing aids can be confusing. Hearing Aid Forums offers a great place to start. Not only is it free, but it allows you to post your questions and get answer from audiologists. If you'd like to learn more, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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