Posted on Friday, June 08, 2012

Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

Two women on couch discuss the benefits of treating hearing loss

People with untreated hearing loss often experience a separation from the outside world that slowly increases stress, depression, and profoundly impacts daily interactions. Not surprisingly, as found by the Hearing is Living study, people fitted with hearing aids report an increased sense of happiness, improved relationships, and overall wellbeing. As Anita Chambers, who rediscovered freedom and independence after treating her hearing loss said, "It's an unbelievable experience to get your hearing back."

Today Anita Chambers tells People Hearing Better how treating hearing loss can be an overwhelmingly positive experience for people who've grown accustomed to the everyday stress and effort of untreated hearing loss.

Some time last year, I realized for the first time the depth of my hearing loss. Though my daughter directly stood behind me, when she asked me something, I couldn't hear her. I turned around. Something in my face must've betrayed me, because she instantly confronted me, “Mom, you didn’t hear me, did you?" I didn't answer right away, but at that point, I didn't need to. "Please, Mom, do something about it, please!”

My daughter's request was an eye opening statement to me. I had been hiding the fact that I could not hear well for many years, trying to read peoples’ lips when they talked to me. I thought I was fooling people, but I was fooling myself and missing much of what went on around me. It was time to treat my hearing loss.

So, after many years living this way, I finally decided to do something about it.

I went to Premium Hearing Solutions. After the audiologist tested me, I could not believe how much hearing I had lost. I had never noticed the absence of so many sounds, but it was obvious that I had been missing a lot by not treating my hearing loss. My audiologist helped me pick out the hearing instruments that would be most suitable for treating my hearing loss. I was excited and nervous about wearing hearing aids, but determined to not miss any more of the world's wonderful sounds.

Once I got my hearing aids it was very scary just hearing my own voice! It was overwhelming!

Treating my hearing loss and adjusting to hearing aids took some time to get used to, but hearing again was an amazing gift. Life quickly opened up around me. Things I had not realized I'd been cut off from were revealed to me. It's amazing how much you can accept silence without recognizing that that silence hides what you are missing.

The relationships between others and myself changed dramatically once I treated my hearing loss.

People, including my daughter, can no longer say something about me behind my back without me hearing them. I feel like I am hearing things for the first time all over again. Instead of struggling to understand things being said to me, I can more easily take part in life and conversations. Now people no longer think that I am ignoring them. This is especially important at work, where I interact with others day in and day out. No more struggling to hear customers and co-workers in a fairly noisy environment, or trying to read their lips. I am grateful to my daughter for making me recognize how much of my hearing had gone and for inspiring me to seek help!

Thank you, Anita, for sharing your story about treating your hearing loss with People Hearing Better. Our community welcomes testimonials from those who have experienced the detriments of hearing loss and who, through their own strength and support of their families, have managed to change their lives for the better! If you have untreated hearing loss and wish to follow Anita's example, click the link below to find a provider in your area.

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