Posted on Friday, January 13, 2012

Gain Freedom with Hearing Loss Solutions

There is nothing harder than watching a loved one suffer with a condition you know could be improved if they would relent to doing something about it. Tanya Mandel knows what it’s like, because she watched her grandfather become more and more removed from life, friends, and even her as his hearing loss increased. When he finally agreed to find a hearing loss solution, much of his hearing and the freedom he’d been missing was restored to him. Tanya shares her grandfather's story on today's People Hearing Better.

I do not know how it feels to get older, but it seems that the things that you love and enjoy slowly begin to be taken away. Watching my grandfather, a proud strong man, have to give up his weekly tennis match was the first real sign that he was getting older. He began to walk avidly to substitute his physical activity level. When I visited I would walk with him, and it was our opportunity to talk. When he could no longer converse with me on our walks, I knew it was due to his hearing loss.

As his hearing worsened, he began to disengage from conversation. Watching the evening news became a chore, and going to the movies and church became pointless. There is nothing that we could say to him to make it better, and his attitude and disposition became severely negative. While we, his family, could still engage him in conversation, he had no desire to go out to dinner with his wife and friends and would become irritable on the phone. He and my Grandmother began to bicker when there was a misunderstanding. After several recommendations from his doctor, we were all cautiously excited when he decided to accept this hearing loss solution and went to pick up his new [65,override="hearing aids"].

After going through a couple of different brands and technologies, he found the right pair and was able to realize his hearing loss solution. He began to get some of the things back that he had lost. He could enjoy the news, have conversations on the phone, and he began to resume his men’s lunches he was so fond of. The hearing aids were not a miracle hearing loss solution that restored his hearing to one hundred percent, but they enabled him to do more of the things he enjoyed and to have control of his life again.

I am grateful that time is spent innovating these helpful technologies, and grateful that I could enjoy walks and phone conversations with my Grandfather those last few years of his life.

And we are grateful to you for sharing your story, Tanya. Your grandfather would be very proud of you and happy knowing that his story will inspire others to take the steps necessary to care for their hearing and achieve a more fulfilled and engaged life.

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