Posted on Friday, January 20, 2012

You're Never Too Old For A Better Life!

In preparation for his 100th birthday celebration, Orville bought new eyeglasses, new dentures, and a new hearing aid. Surprised? Too often seniors will forgo taking care of the essential aspects of their health assuming that these concerns are for younger people. Orville never hesitated to buy the things necessary to improve his quality of life, wanting to get the most out of every day. His story demonstrates that an enriched life doesn't stop at a certain decade, but is essential for every age.

Orville at his 100th birthday party!

The value Orville has placed on his quality of life serves as an example to all. It is what drives him to ride his bike eight miles a day, visit with family, take care of his health, and live a full life. He knows you need to see, hear and eat to have the energy and freedom to enjoy the best life has to offer!

"Don’t put off improving your quality of life, regardless of your age, or stage, in it." Orville's message.

Born Oct 27, 1911 in Arcadia, Kansas, Orville grew up surrounded by a loving and hardworking family employed in the local coal mines. When the worldwide depression of the thirties hit and the mines had been worked out, Orville and his entire family (parents, brothers and sisters) moved to Saginaw, Michigan to work the mines.

In 1939, Orville had braved the worst of the depression and saved up enough that he could afford to buy a lot in Troy, Michigan. He built a home on that lot and has lived there ever since. Much of that time, he spent with the love of his life, his wife Margaret. Together they raised four devoted and wonderful daughters.

An active man, who believes in the value of daily exercise, Orville and his wife set a great example for their daughters. He and his wife Margaret enjoyed ballroom dancing twice a week and remained active through retirement.

In 1971, Orville retired from Eaton Manufacturing. He and his wife decided to live in Florida for six months each year, so that they could continue enjoying their outdoor walks--5 miles a day. Orville had his beautiful wife as his dance and walking partner for 76 years. Margaret passed away in 2009.

Still active and in love with life, Orville now rides his three wheel bike 7 or 8 miles, even on chilly days. In the height of winter, he rides his stationary bike. He also enjoys gardening and has a large, healthy garden each summer. Good nutrition is important to Orville and so is regular visits to his doctors to take care of his health needs. When Orville goes to visit his audiologist, Dr. Jeanne Ward of Premium Hearing Solutions, he tells his daughters “I’m taking the stairs. You can take the elevator if you like”.

Orville is a true inspiration to everyone he meets, especially to his daughters. It's impossible not to marvel at his strong independence and his ability to do most things for himself. He has enjoyed good health, and at the young age of 100 he takes no daily medications. In fact, Orville tells us the one and only time he was ever in the hospital was at age 80!

Upon turning 100, Orville decided to gift himself with improved vision, oral care, and hearing health. His new eyeglasses made the world clearer, his new dentures gave him a renewed interest in his garden vegetables, and his new hearing aids brought into clearer focus the wonderful sounds of the world around him. The way Orville has lived his life serves as a demonstration for all--age should never be thought of as a barrier to a better life.

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