Posted on Friday, December 23, 2011

A Young Mother's Hearing Dilemma

A young mother with a hearing loss, Patricia Leavitt-Crosby worried that using hearing aids would make her look old. She soon discovered the benefits of hearing aids—being able to understand the doctor and enjoy a trip to the grocery store, actually made her feel younger and more in tune with the world. As Patricia pointed out, today’s hearing aids are much more discreet than her prior confusion and frustrating inability to communicate. Keep reading to learn more about Patricia's heartwarming journey to hearing health.

Often the stigma of wearing hearing aids can keep people from using a tool that would greatly enhance their lives.

Before I started wearing a hearing instrument, meetings and church services were a low hum, intensified of course by the tendency that crowds have of gathering around the doorway to visit. To someone with limited hearing, multiple voices meld into one big muddle. Quite often, that situation led to either missing upcoming events totally or agreeing to do things accidentally by simply nodding when words blurred together-either way pandemonium! Listening to a sermon, even an uplifting one, became an exercise in humility, because I never seemed able to follow scriptural reference quotes and learned to accept people thinking me thick.

Ordinary mundane things like taking my kids to a hockey game and following the play were next to impossible as sound bounced off the ice and the arena walls occasionally punctuated by the bleating of the referees whistle. Sometimes I gave up and just looked like I was not paying attention. Grocery shopping was okay, except when the intercom announced daily specials that I could not hear- only to have my daughter tell me about them on the way home – don’t even get me started on the beeping checkout.

People think you have to be totally deaf to wear hearing aids. Not so. But since I have had one, sounds do not bleed together into strange low hums, shrieks, and unintelligible grunting noises. It is so nice to hear approaching vehicles before they are bearing down on you.

Some things anyone would prefer not to deal with--taking a sick child to the emergency room is never easy, but it is so much more doable with a hearing instrument. The doctor’s advice is not eclipsed by the swish of the curtain on the rails above the next bed.

As a young parent I worried that I would look old, but that also is not a problem, because my aid is only visible if you really look closely. All in all, instead of looking older I may come off as a younger less frazzled me!

That's great, Patricia! Thank you so very much for sharing your story with the People Hearing Better community. Your courage, not only in dealing with your hearing loss, but with allowing others to read about your personal experience, is an inspiration to us all.

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