Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Vitamin That Prevents Hearing Loss?

vitamin can prevent hearing loss

There is a potential new treatment for hearing loss due to noise and aging. Though researchers have known for some time that certain vitamins and a healthier lifestyle can keep hearing health, they have now discovered that the vitamin B3 might play a role in reversing damage to hearing or preventing it altogether.

Exposure to loud noises causes damage in the transmission of sounds. This results in noise-induced hearing loss. Now researchers have found a precursor to vitamin B3 provides protection when taken before or after exposure to noise. Their research culminated with the discovery that led them to to isolate the protein SIRT3 as an essential compound in protecting hearing, not just from noise, but from age related hearing loss.

A protein precursor of vitamin B3 can help prevent hearing loss and may provide a way to keep ears from aging.

It turns out that this protein is something that diminishes as people age. The ability to adjust and increase levels of this protein may lead to potential cures not just for noise induced and age induced hearing loss but for other age related conditions such as diabetes.

The video below is explains the research.


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