Posted on Thursday, February 12, 2015

Understanding Auditory Processing Disorder

boy with auditory processing disorder rides bike

Children who have difficulty with learning and language may have an auditory processing disorder (APD) or what is also called a central auditory processing disorder (CAPD). An APD prohibits children from understanding and processing language in the average or expected way and is often compared to having dyslexia of the ear. There are specific tests and emerging treatments to help people with central auditory processing disorders.

Audiology Testing for Auditory Processing Disorder

Since this disorder can have many individualized symptoms and components, to get the proper treatment and instruction children must first be evaluated and properly diagnosed by an audiologist. According to Chermak, Gail D. PhD in her article, Pathways: Comprehensive Auditory Function Testing Vital for Children with CAPD, "Comprehensive testing of auditory functions using behavioral and electrophysiological methods is important to identify children who can benefit from interventions, including assistive listening devices and environmental changes to improve signal-to-noise levels in the classroom." The below video explains APD and symptoms.

Once a child's exact deficit with hearing and language has been determined by an audiologist a strategy is developed to help introduce the child to the skills necessary for proper listening and the accumulation of language. Here are some of the ways that audiologists and other specialist can help children cope with central auditory processing disorder:

• Auditory conditioning and training based on known deficits
• Introduction to Assistive Listening Devices ALD
• Computer-based learning tools
• Speech and Language Processing (Speech Pathologists)
• Instruction of skills used to compensate for deficits
• Language processing training
• Introduction of musical training

This video explains ways in which APD can be helped with intervention.

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