Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tinnitus: News and Helpful Links

rock concerts like this one can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.

The news for tinnitus sufferers is constantly changing to accommodate broad studies and the latest information. For example, recent studies suggest a cure can be found by retraining the brain, using noise to match the sound of tinnitus. It is also believed help with tinnitus can be found by using a hearing aid to combat the hearing loss that often causes tinnitus and to introduce distracting sound.

A recent article posted in the Guardian, revealed how American doctors are trying to cure tinnitus, a condition they say results from the brain trying to compensate for hearing loss. The research has suggested that tinnitus might be neurons in the brain trying to talk to each other over this loss of hearing. The idea of stimulating or retraining the brain to deal with the hearing loss is an exciting new option in dealing with tinnitus.The idea that tinnitus is actually the result of hearing less not more is becoming widely accepted as research pours in that supports this conclusion.

Replacing the phantom noises of tinnitus with actual sounds has been shown to alleviate the condition. Wearing a hearing aid is one way someone with tinnitus can strengthen their hearing and reduce these annoying sounds.

Below you’ll find links to the latest news and resources for people coping with tinnitus. Articles on the connection with tinnitus and the brain, resources for tinnitus communities, and and ABC World News article that speaks of a new interdisciplinary approach to curing tinnitus. All of these articles are meant to give a broad example of how complex tinnitus is, and to offer information without causing stress. Remember, as challenging as tinnitus is there are experts who deal with this every day, and they are only a phone call away. Click on the find a provider button if you need help finding someone to help you with your hearing health problems.

Tinnitus News and Helpful Links

Retuning the Brain May Cure Tinnitus "American scientists claim to have developed a cure for tinnitus, a condition that causes incessant ringing in the ears. Researchers have found that by stimulating the part of the brain that causes the disorder they were able to make the ringing go away – at least for, er, rats."

Silence May Cause Tinnitus "ScienceDaily — Phantom noises, that mimic ringing in the ears associated with tinnitus, can be experienced by people with normal hearing in quiet situations, according to new research"

Tinnitus May Be Neurons Talking to Each Other "Tinnitus, that phantom ringing in the ears that affects millions of people, is generated not by the ear, but by neurons firing in the brain, according to a North American research team."

American Tinnitus Association "ATA understands how tinnitus can impact your life - you are not alone. We can connect you with tinnitus health professionals in your area, provide you with helpful tinnitus tips and what treatment options currently exist."

New Tinnitus Approach Could Relieve Ringing Ears "The researchers did not identify a new treatment -- rather, they identified the most useful treatments."

Support Group for Tinnitus Sufferers "Welcome to the support you've been looking for. Browse our +500 communities of people facing similar life challenges, medical conditions, and mental health issues and find people who understand exactly what you're going through."

Five Top Noise Canceling Headphones "f you suffer from tinnitus, then even moderate sounds can seem unbearable."

American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association "Almost everyone at one time or another has experienced brief periods of mild ringing or other sounds in the ear. Some people have more annoying and constant types of tinnitus. One third of all adults experience tinnitus at some time in their lives. About 10%–15% of adults have prolonged tinnitus requiring medical evaluation. The exact cause of tinnitus is often not known. One thing is certain: Tinnitus is not imaginary."

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