Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reaching Teens with Hearing Loss

Teens on Phonak's Bring Sounds to Life Web Page

A thirty percent rise in hearing loss among teens in the last fifteen years has led to campaigns to raise awareness about noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). It has also led to a response from hearing aid manufacturer Phonak to reach out to those teens who've already experienced hearing loss in order to stress to them the difference hearing instruments can make in their lives.

Unlike adults, most teens with hearing loss don't attach the same tired stereotypes to this condition. They generally see themselves as being the same as everyone else, but with the minor difference of hearing less. This difference is pronounced during some situations that teens wish to communicate or participate, like at sporting events or concerts. In order to reach out to these teens and offer them more direct access to the information and questions they have about hearing aids and hearing loss, hearing aid manufacturer Phonak has developed a new website designed specifically for teens. Bring Sounds to Life is a unique website that answers teen questions about hearing loss.

Often teens face hearing loss by showing a deep interest in the latest technologies and how those technologies can aid them in continuing their active social and physical lifestyle. Their approach to hearing loss is different and so are the questions they ask. Teens want to know how they can stream music into their hearing aids or use Youtube videos from their computers. They want to know how they can hear in jubilant situations with lots of background noise. This site was designed to answer these questions while providing solutions and being visually appealing to teens. As hearing loss begins to rise among teens, it's important to reach out to teens who have hearing deficits and to also raise awareness about how to prevent certain types of hearing loss. Below is an informative video that talks about teens and hearing loss.

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