Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013

Pediatric Hearing Aid Reviews

Child's hands playing piano are a result of pediatric hearing aids.

Today's advanced technology has made pediatric hearing aids both comfortable and stylish. Kids aren't typically self-conscious about showing them off, so many pediatric hearing aids come in a series of different designs and colors. The best models of pediatric hearing aids are those that have an ease of use, future flexibility, and are both dependable and safe.

Pediatric Hearing Aid Essentials
Pediatric hearing aids are generally thought of as the Behind-the-Ear models. That's because they have certain attributes that are important when fitting a child for a hearing aid. When purchasing a pediatric hearing aid parents should make sure it has an ease of use, meaning the features are basic and not so complicated that it will cause parents to have to adjust it too often. They should also make sure that it comes preinstalled with FM or other assistive listening devices that will help them hear in the classroom. In addition, assuring that the hearing aids have future flexibility and can adapt as children grow is important. Behind-the-Ear haring aids allow for new molds to be made and easily transferred to the hearing aid, creating less expense for the parent and transition for the child. Finally a parent should make sur that whatever Behind-the-Ear pediatric hearing aid they purchase comes with a tamper proof door for batteries. Batteries need to be replaced by parents, but are harmful if swallowed by a child. Below some of the better pediatric BTE hearing aids on the market for children are reviewed.

Naida SNaida S Naida S pediatric hearing aid has been shown to improve communication and has been heralded by one Canadian parent as "A gift of hope." In addition this pediatric hearing aid is water resistant, allowing for small, often moist fingers to touch them repeatedly without doing damage. The Naida S is available for all levels of hearing loss and according to Phonak, "Naída S gives children the highest levels of audibility offering even more hearing to those who need it most."

Vigo Hearing Aid by OticonVigo Hearing Aid by Oticon Oticon's Vigo pediatric hearing aid for children not only comes with a tamper proof battery door, but it also comes in a wide range of colors and has stickers for children to decorate their hearing aid with. According to the manufacturer, "Vigo Connect’s extended bandwidth captures even more of the high frequency cues so vital for language development." This hearing aid is one of the smaller version for children, so comfortable for even the youngest kids. This hearing aid is also compatibility with FM technologies.

Widex Mind For KidsWidex Mind For KidsWidex Mind: Widex, the global innovator and manufacturer of hearing instruments created this pediatric hearing aid with a compact design to deliver exceptional sound through a custom earmold, for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Their website states, "The mind and Passion hearing aids all feature directional microphones and noise reduction technologies so they deliver incredible sound quality in any environment."

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