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Loss of Hearing

Couple hiking up mountain discover answers to loss of hearing questions.

A loss of hearing can happen suddenly or over time. It often comes with a lot of questions and challenges as someone who has hearing loss tries to navigate the hearing world. We've found the answers to the most common questions people with a loss of hearing ask.

Question: How can I hear better in background noise?

Hearing well in background noise is one of the biggest challenges for those with hearing loss. Often, background noise makes it difficult to focus on the relevant sounds or conversation.
Here are some tips to help you possibly hear better in back ground noise:
*Ask to be seated in quiet areas in public places; a wall at your back helps.
*Sound weakens over distance, so sit near the speaker, when possible.
*Use assistive listening devices (ALD), when possible.
*Eye contact with the speaker also helps.
*Relax when in a conversation; listening is harder when you are tired or under stress. Dr. Peggy Sheets on Hearing Well in Crowds

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Question: I don’t have a problem hearing sounds, but sometimes I have a problem understanding words. Why is this?

Patients who have apparently normal hearing may still complain about difficulty understanding speech. This is because their ear has lost the ability to discriminate time. "Slit" may sound like "split", "pat" like "bat". For hearing impaired patients, those with poor temporal processing may be less successful using a hearing aid than those who have retained good temporal processing. Dr. Dana L. Oviattt

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Note: Patients who have higher register hearing loss may have difficulty hearing the voices of women and children.

Why is it so important to see an audiologist?

Some hearing losses can be treated medically or surgically, and it is important that we rule out these options prior to considering hearing aids.
A basic test done for the purpose of selling hearing aids will not give us this information. The full diagnostic hearing evaluation must be provided by a licensed audiologist, often a Doctor of Audiology. Dr. Marty Layne

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Note: There are balance issues and numerous conditions that can be associated with hearing loss that are best identified and recognized by a hearing health professional, such as an audiologist.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?

Your hearing is a precious and complex sense. Hearing aids are not just amplifiers, they are sophisticated pieces of technology that seek to mimic hearing in order to restore your sense and keep you from suffering other deteriorating conditions. The complex nature of research into uncovering the mysteries of sound and sense along with the advanced technology that then works to mimic a person's sophisticated hearing helps explain the higher cost of some hearing aids.

Hearing aid technology is constantly being improved to meet the needs of people with hearing loss.

Developing hearing aids is a complicated process that involves specialized research and technology from multiple sources and scientific fields. After scientist work together to produce this technology it must then be tested over many years to gain approval for use. Once a hearing aid is created and accepted for human use it then needs to undergo a series of adjustments and fittings to conform to an individual's specific hearing loss.

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