Posted on Monday, April 01, 2013

Hearing Loss Support Groups

A group of people with hearing loss discuss changes in their lives.

Hearing loss brings with it a lot of necessary changes and questions about an individual's place in the world. People worry about their jobs, communication, and ability to perform certain auditory tasks. The stress of hearing loss can increase with these doubts and worries. That is why it is important to seek answers from hearing loss support groups to interact with individuals who have already been through the process of reconfiguring their life to include hearing loss.

There is a lot of information online and via audiologists available to people with hearing loss, but some questions are more personal than clinical. In these instances, advice from someone who's already experienced the stress and uncertainty and challenges of hearing loss can bring about reassurance and clarity.

Today's online community provides easier access to others who are also coping with hearing loss. There are great blogs like the one run by the Speak Up Librarian. This online community is an important part of keeping connected with the world and reaching out to others, but people with hearing loss can't let their community stop and start at their keyboard. There is a tendency for people who have hearing loss to try and withdraw into the things they are comfortable with--places and people, so it is equally important to be involved with a support group that helps get you out of the house. Below is a list of places you can start to look to find a hearing loss support group.

Hearing Loss Support Groups
Association of Late Deafened Adults Chapter and Group Directory
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Association of Late Deafened Adults
My Baby's Hearing
Listen Up Web
Center for Hearing Loss Help
Speak Up Librarian

In addition to seeking help from hearing loss support groups, treating hearing loss takes knowledge about hearing aids, the latest technology, and assistive listening devices. If you'd like to learn more about hearing loss, hearing heath, and hearing aids click HERE to DOWNLOAD our free guide to hearing health!

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