Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hearing Loss Statistics

As new insights into how we hear continues to make news, the delicate and complex parts of our ears take on greater significance. Recent discoveries show numerous ways hearing can be compromised and more detailed hearing loss statistics indicate that hearing loss is common amongst the general population.

Many people in today's society are confronting changes in their hearing. In fact, statistics show that between 36 and 48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss. Other relevant statistics include the following:

• Noise Induced Hearing Loss is now the most common type of hearing loss.
• The prevalence of hearing loss among US adolescents has risen by about 30% since 1994.
• 12 percent of children between the ages of six and 19 suffer from noise-induced hearing loss — about 5.2 million kids.
• Hearing loss is the most self-reported work-related condition.
• 14% of the adult population has hearing loss.
• 30-40% of people over 65 have some type of hearing loss.
• Exposure to a noisy subway for 15 minutes daily can permanently damage hearing over time.
• Even a mild hearing loss can cause a child to miss as much as 50% of classroom discussion.
• 1.3 million children under the age of three have hearing loss.
• Only 16% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss.
• Hearing aids have been shown to improve quality of life for people with hearing loss.

Now that you know you're not alone with your hearing loss, here is a video that discusses options for the different types of hearing loss.

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