Posted on Friday, November 27, 2015

Hearing Aids Help Kids Hear and Learn Better

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Most parents who have children with mild to severe hearing loss are well aware of studies showing diminished hearing's impact on language and brain development. Knowing this may have led to anxiety and uncertainty about the success of hearing interventions like hearing aids. But there's good news. A new longterm study has shown hearing aids help diminish the learning gap and provide social benefits for children.

The study conducted by researchers at Boy's Town National Research Hospital and published by the Ear and Hearing journal showed definite benefits for children's brain development and suggested benefits that researchers have long suspected:

  • Increased Language Development
  • Increased Social Connections
  • Increased Confidence and Success
  • Diminished Learning Gap
  • Reduces Risks of Auditory Delays
  • This study shows that language development for children with hearing difficulties is increased with early and consistent hearing aid intervention. Consistency seems to be the key in much of the findings in this longterm study. Other studies have shown that people are more likely to interact with their hearing peers and to engage in social activities when they use hearing aids.

    This important study supports the use of hearing aids as a credible medical intervention for hearing loss in childhood. And just as importantly it demonstrates how essential it is to have a hearing aid that is fit properly. Overall the study stressed the importance of a properly fit hearing aid. Perhaps because this would lead to consistent wearing of the hearing aid which was another important factor in achieving positive results with hearing aids. In addition, it found that parents who provide linguistic stimulation also help their children have the greatest longterm success.

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