Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hearing Aids with Great Sound and Less Bells and Whistles


As the technology on hearing aids grows sophisticated enough to turn on the lights in your house and notify you when someone is at the door, some people with hearing loss are feeling overwhelmed. They want hearing technology that works, but doesn't include or rely on features that they will never use. Well, we've compiled a short list of some great hearing aids with less bells and whistles.

You're interested in a great hearing aid. One that fits well, is comfortable, and that works in most situations without requiring lots of adjustments. You want all the features that relate to great sound, but don't want all the extras, like wireless streaming. You're in luck! There are great hearing aids that aren't weighed down with technology that you're not going to use. Although all hearing losses are different, and your audiologist is the only one who can tell you if these aids will work for you, here's our list of great hearing aids that focus on sound with less connectivity bells and whistles.

  • Oticon's Alta2: If you want great sound, you're going to want Oticon's Speech Guard E found in the Alta2. Developed with an eye toward comfort, Alta2's have an award winning design. Not only does this aid get great marks for comfort, it's also a fan favorite. This aid has great reviews from its users, sports a long-lasting battery, and incredible sound quality. It's also highly customizable, so users can go with the high quality sound features like Speech Guard E and Feedback Shield without adding the optional ConnectLine Compatibility.
  • Widex's Unique With Widex’s Sound Class Library that uses recorded sounds to train these hearing aids to recognize and adjust to sounds and Widex’s Wind Noise Attenuation System these hearing aids are all about comfort and clear sound. This technology helps you hear what you want to hear while diminishing distracting or unwanted noises. According to the manufacturer's own survey 100% of users were satisfied or very satisfied with the sound improvement in these hearing aids. This hearing aid does come with the ability to add features, but you can't go wrong with even the basic model.
  • Beltone's Ally: Advanced and simple Beltone's Ally can accommodate 90% of hearing losses. It’s designed with a few key features to provide great sound, but generally gives users a way to hear better without the hoopla. Ally’s exterior is coated in nanotechnology, Ally's HPF80 NanoBlock™. This coating helps keep out water, wax, dust, and debris.
  • Phonak's Audeo B: Phonak’s Audeo B has a great battery life, providing up to 24 hours on a single charge. (This varies with the user and some users report only getting 18 to 20 hours, but that's still pretty darn good!) These hearing aids also have incredible sound quality and adjust automatically. According to the manufacturer these hearing aids can provide a 10% increase in understanding of soft speech.
  • This is our short list of great sounding hearing aids, but we'd love to hear what your experience is with your hearing aids. And, as always, if you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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