Posted on Friday, November 09, 2012

Hearing Aid Reviews: What Real People Say About Upgrades

Young diverse group talks about upgrading hearing aids.

Hearing loss can worsen over time, so that someone who treated their hearing loss can now be using a device that is less clear. Just like with the original loss of hearing this decline sometimes goes unnoticed, and when recognized individuals comfortable with their hearing aids resist upgrading to a new one. People resists because they fear the new aid will not work as well or be as comfortable or won't be enough of an improvement to be worth the price. Not only can this delay cause the same isolation, depression, and cognitive problems as untreated hearing loss, but the fears of upgrading, as real people who've upgraded their hearing aids tell us, aren't justified.

People who treat a decline in hearing by upgrading their hearing aids have been shown to be happier and more active than those who do not. There is still resistance when it comes to upgrading hearing aids as people become comfortable with the model they have and fear switching to a new, more advanced technology, so what are real people who've made the choice to upgrade their hearing aids saying about their decision?


“Since I passed the age of 80, my hearing has deteriorated, but the technology has improved to the point where my latest hearing aid can be made loud enough that I can hear without feedback whistling.”Richard Ocheret on upgrading his hearing aid.

"I can now hear people talking to me at work, and that's a loud, busy environment, but with my hearing aids I could now focus on numerous things going on at once, and not miss anything.” Tom Allen

"As a young parent I worried that I would look old, but that also is not a problem, because my aid is only visible if you really look closely. All in all, instead of looking older I come off as a younger less frazzled me!" Patricia Leavitt-Crosby on getting hearing aids at a young age.

"I am not so alone in the world and I don't need the television turned up so the neighbors can hear it. Best of all I can hear my niece and nephew when they come to visit! " Carmen Audas


"if I am in a group and I need just a bit more volume I can do it with the remote control and the same with lowering the sounds." Carmen Audas

"With my newest aids, I can enjoy music to the fullest and take advantage of today’s technology with an iPhone as well. Most importantly, though, it enables me to help our youngest son navigate his own way through his issues with having a moderate hearing loss that also requires him to wear binaural aids." Lisa Wilcox who was diagnosed with hearing loss in kindergarten.

Remarkably, with the new hearing aids I just acquired, I not only have control over the volume, but the direction and clarity of sound as well. I am truly thankful that such things exist. I don't have to live just in an inner world; I can rejoin the human race again. I can't encourage anyone enough to try them. They are truly a miracle!
Former 1st Lt. Robert Rock, USA Corps of Engineers.

"Some of the greatest benefits have been with modern technologies. I use Bluetooth technology and pared with my i-com I hear sounds like never heard before.” April Uncapher

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