Posted on Friday, October 19, 2012

Hearing Aid Reviews: Today's Features

Hearing aid with a directional microphone hones in on specific sounds like speech and diminishes background noise.

Today, more than ever, hearing aid users report higher satisfaction with listening technologies. This is due, in part, to better counseling by experienced hearing health professionals like an audiologist, but it's also due to some amazing advances in hearing aid features like directional microphones.

Today's hearing aids are filled with specialized features that can learn a users preference, hone in on particular sounds, and can even link to your DVD, computer, and GPS. One of the best features to have made an appearance in the last few years is directional microphones, which have risen to the challenge of separating background noise from the noise a person wants to focus on, like speech.

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Directional Microphones : Early and conventional analog hearing aids simply amplified sound, but hearing is more complicated than just turning up the volume. When we hear the mind adjusts and focuses automatically by tuning out irrelevant sounds and honing in on the essential noise. A vital function of modern hearing aids is directional microphones, which cancel out ambient noise while zeroing in on significant sounds like speech. One of the major complaints users had about hearing aids for many years was their inability to be of use during times when there was a lot of background noise, say at a crowded restaurant. A review of today's hearing aids, show that many of them now contain directional microphones and these microphones can be in the user's control or can adjust automatically to compensate for background noise. Below are hearing aids that use this advanced technology and a description of how the feature operates in that model:

Cassia Nano/Behind-The-Ear/In-The-Ear : Dust and water resistant, Cassio Nano is suitable for all types of hearing loss. It's UltraZoom technology uses a directional microphone to automatically focus in on the person speaking to you while diminishing distracting noise from the side and back.

Quantum™ E: Designed with Era, Unitron’s most advanced hearing processing system, this technology allows for unique binaural hearing, both hearing instruments communicate and work together wirelessly. Binaural spatial processing also pinpoints where sound originates and SpeechZone™ activates maximum directionality to zero in on direct frontal sound in a noisy background environment. Listening becomes easier as both hearing instruments automatically capture speech, with no need for a wearer to adjust their hearing aid's controls.

Moxi EL: This tiny but premium hearing instrument provides high fidelity and natural sounds through global technologies based on Unitron’s most advanced hearing system Era. It's SpeechZone™ technology zero’s in on direct frontal sound while diminishing background noise. SpeechZone was designed to expertly address the number one complaint of hearing loss patients—understanding speech in noise.

Other new features available in some hearing aids include moisture resistance and wind noise management. As directional microphones combine with public access programs like Let’s Loop America the benefit of new hearing aids in public forums will help to provide another essential freedom for those with hearing loss. Visit your hearing health professional to get a demonstration of the directional microphone features and learn how they can help you carry on a conversation in a crowded restaurant.

If you'd like to learn more, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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