Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hearing Aid Reviews: New ReSound Technology

ReSound Linx held in hand is small and offers access to new technology

Hearing aid manufacturer ReSound has developed a hearing aid that couples with today's technology in order to, "help people rediscover hearing." Their attempt to not only make the life of someone with hearing loss easier, but to merge hearing technology with the profound new technologies available today comes in the form of ReSound’s LiNX.

Rolled out in January, ReSound LiNX is the latest offering in high end hearing aids making a splash with advanced features. LiNX integrates the exciting offerings of technology applications like Facetime, wireless streaming apps, and more with their amazing sound quality.

Advances in technology continue to offer people simpler ways to live, engage, and play. The merging feature that ReSound LiNX offers with this technology allows this hearing aid to pair with an iPhone or iPad or iPod. This pairing with technology expands the hearing aids features by allowing it to use apps to accomplish more. For example, paired with an iPhone and using a specific app, the LiNX hearing aid has the ability to become an assistive listening device (ALD). ALDs are used in noisy background environments to make it easier for someone to hear what is being said by filtering out the unwanted noises. ALDs have been used by people with or without hearing loss, because all levels of hearing can have difficulty listening in these type of noisy environments. In the past, someone with hearing loss who wanted to use an ALD would need to purchase extra equipment. Typically two or three extra pieces of equipment, but by pairing the LiNX with Apple technology, a person eliminates the need for this extra equipment, saving money and the added burden of having to remember this extra equipment—assuming the person, as most people do, travels with a cell phone.

Not only does LiNX have a host of exciting uses including being able to serve as its own ALD, but it’s also incredibly small, discreet, water resistant, and powerful enough to accommodate 90% of all hearing losses. The advent of merging technologies is an exciting prospect for many people with hearing loss as it opens up a wealth of possibilities, many of which are just starting to be explored. So what does the average person have to say about their experience with LiNX? Well, if this video is at all accurate, they're pretty excited!

As great as the ReSound LiNX hearing aid is, it does have the drawback of only being compatible with Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. As other manufacturers broaden the trend of pairing hearing technology with other types of technology, the dynamic uses of hearing aids will improve and continue to provide people with hearing loss a wealth of exciting options.

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