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Hearing Aid Manufacturers Reviewed

Dedicated individuals like this woman work for hearing aid manufacturers around the world.

Advances in hearing aid technology have been spurred on by the unique perspectives and goals of hearing aid manufacturers throughout the world. Their efforts mean that a person with hearing loss has a lot more choices when it comes to correcting their hearing loss, but with so much choice can come confusion. It can help to know who some of the top manufacturers of hearing aids are, what technologies they offer, and what features have they designed to help people with hearing loss return to hearing health.


Since 1956 the Widex name has been synonymous with superior technological achievements that have helped revolutionize hearing health engineering. Widex uses a Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing –CAD/CAM- system to create each sophisticated hearing aid. This lauded system involves exact impressions, sleek designs, and a complex, highly responsive computer-operating program. Widex highly acclaimed In-the-Ear and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) hearing aids came about because of an award winning process they designed to make ITE and IIC hearing aids nearly invisible by matching them to a hearing aid users ear canal. This process is called CAMISHA.

Key Widex Features

  • Zen relaxation and tone program, a revolutionary harmonic sound program offering tinnitus relief.
  • SmartSpeak talks a user through low battery and programing functions.
  • TruSound quickly adapts to changes in listening environments while delivering true to life sound quality.
  • Invisible-In-Canal/IIC—A tiny, custom-made hearing instrument placed deep inside the ear canal by a hearing health professional. The IIC takes advantage of the natural acoustics and positioning abilities within the ear. This discreet hearing aid is suitable for moderate to mild types of hearing loss.
  • Phonak

    An international innovate force with over sixty years of experience in listening acoustics, Phonak’s “life is on” mission transcends limitations by driving creative solutions and advancing new technologies. Part of the Sonova Group, Phonak believes in a diversity of options to accommodate all lifestyles, ages, and budgets. Hear the World is Phonak’s latest initiative to raise awareness about hearing loss. Through this charity, Phonak delved further into the life of those with hearing loss. The Hearing is Living study surveyed more than 4,300 people in the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland and Great Britain to examine the impact of hearing on a person's quality of life. The Hearing is Living study showed that a hearing aid can help dispel feelings of isolation and create stronger, healthier relationships.

    Key Phonak Features

  • Sound Flow seamlessly adapts hearing aids to varying listening environments.
  • Real Ear Sound mimics organic sounds.
  • Open Ear decreases occlusion or the feeling of having a stuffed ear.
  • Omnidirectional functions gather sound from a particular direction while eliminating unwanted noise.
  • UltraZoom helps the listener understand speech in difficult background noise situations.
  • SoundRecover allows individuals to enjoy the full spectrum of sounds.
  • Whistle Block makes whistling hearing aids a thing of the past.
  • Assistive Technologies
    Phonak recently designed and developed Roger is simple to use by incorporates Phonak's advanced technologies to compensate for poor room acoustics and is compatible with nearly all behind-the-ear hearing aids.

    SoundField by Phonak
    Designed to enhance the sound systems in conferences, training, and boardrooms, Phonak's SoundField provides a, "A system that intelligently and automatically adapted its sound output and its settings to suit the specific noise environment of any room."


    Founded in 1904, Oticon has been manufacturing hearing instruments longer than any other company in the world. Oticon’s institution and foundation demonstrate that People First is more than a slogan, but the philosophy upon which they build, conduct, and maintain long-term relationships with consumers and hearing care professionals. Oticon’s stated goal is to help people with hearing loss fulfill their potential while living the life they choose. They offer high performance hearing solutions including the latest sophistications in hearing science and unique groundbreaking designs.

    Key Oticon Features

  • Noise Management to reduce environmental sounds that disrupt speech recognition.
  • Automatic Directionality focuses attention on the speaker.
  • Feedback Cancellation cuts down unwanted whistling.
  • Speech Guard creates stable amplification for speech signals even in complex sound environments.
  • Optimized Rise2 Manages the lowest power consumption ever in high performing Oticon miniature instruments.
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager automatically and gradually increases flexibility during the fitting process and reduces fine tuning sessions.
  • Connect [+] wireless audiology that simplifies enjoyment of modern technologies.
  • Assistive Technologies

    Oticon has the popular Amigo Star. This system is small and powerful enough to boost hearing in the classroom and is also easily compatible with most hearing aids.

    Oticon Streamer Pro This technology is the latest addition to Oticon's ConnectLine technology. This device is worn around the neck and transmits sound directly into the hearing aid. According to the manufacturer, "When hearing aids are linked to Streamer Pro, practically any audio source can be transmitted through Streamer Pro to the hearing aids using a wireless Bluetooth connection or a mini jack cable."


    Part of the Sanova Group, Unitron is a global innovator of technologically advanced hearing instruments, and works in close partnership with hearing healthcare professionals to meet the needs of their customers. According to the manufacturer, "Our audiologists and engineers share a relentless drive to improve client acceptance and satisfaction. Our commitment to this goal is unsurpassed in the hearing industry."

    Key Unitron Features

  • Binaural Phone enables listeners to hear phone conversations clearly in both ears without added accessories.
  • Binaural spatial processing allows hearing aids to wirelessly work together.
  • SpeechZone™ zero’s in on direct frontal sound while diminishing background noise.
  • EraTM the company’s most advanced hearing processing system. This technology allows for binaural hearing, hearing instruments communicate wirelessly to each other, and binaural spatial processing that pinpoints sound.
  • AntiShock™ identifies and instantly suppresses sudden impulse noises, without distorting speech or environmental sounds to protect those with hearing loss from jarring or damaging sounds.
  • SmartFocus the most significant advance in making speech-in-noise intelligible in more than a decade.
  • If you'd like to learn more about these hearing aid manufacturers and their hearing loss technologies, visit your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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