Posted on Friday, July 26, 2013

Hearing Aid Manufacturer Unitron Reviewed

Couple discusses hearing aid manufacturer Unitron.

There are more than a handful of hearing aid manufacturers adding to the exciting new technologies available today for people with hearing loss. In an effort to help consumers better understand who is making what, People Hearing Better is providing hearing aid manufacturer reviews. This week, we'll be looking at hearing aid manufacturer Unitron.

Part of the Sanova Group, Unitron is a global innovator of technologically advanced hearing instruments, and works in close partnership with hearing healthcare professionals to meet the needs of their customers. According to the manufacturer, "Our audiologists and engineers share a relentless drive to improve client acceptance and satisfaction. Our commitment to this goal is unsurpassed in the hearing industry." Unitron has a reputation of being a wonderful employer. They have won awards several years running as one of the best places to work. Taking good care of their employees might be helping them to come up with their exciting new technologies including their Max hearing aids and Moxi Kiss.

Unitron Hearing Aid Technologies

  • Max

  • This new technology was designed for people with severe hearing loss. It not only helps to provide clearer speech but it is custom designed for an individual's hearing loss and will deliver sound directly to the areas of the ear that have the best ability to hear. Thereby taking advantage of a person's own natural hearing to best compensate for their severe hearing loss.

  • Moxi Kiss

  • Moxi Kiss is a new Unitron technology designed to provide clearer hearing along with the most natural sound. It is dust and water resistant and according to the manufacturer, "The Moxi™ family of hearing aids goes beyond great looks, offering sophisticated performance, too. With Moxi, sounds are so natural and it’s so comfortable, you just might forget it’s there." Not only does this hearing aid seem to deliver on Unitron's promises, they've also made an adorable video about it.

    Key Unitron Features

  • Binaural Phone enables listeners to hear phone conversations clearly in both ears without added accessories.
  • Binaural spatial processing allows hearing aids to wirelessly work together.
  • SpeechZone™ zero’s in on direct frontal sound while diminishing background noise.
  • EraTM the company’s most advanced hearing processing system. This technology allows for binaural hearing, hearing instruments communicate wirelessly to each other, and binaural spatial processing that pinpoints sound.
  • AntiShock™ identifies and instantly suppresses sudden impulse noises, without distorting speech or environmental sounds to protect those with hearing loss from jarring or damaging sounds.
  • SmartFocus the most significant advance in making speech-in-noise intelligible in more than a decade.
  • If you'd like to learn more about Unitron and their hearing loss technologies, visit your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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