Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hearing Aid Financing Solutions

Couple hand in hand after hearing loss treatment paid for with a health credit card.

Treating hearing loss is important and shouldn't be delayed for financial reasons, so what are some options for financing hearing aids? Everyone has heard of credit cards, but fewer people are aware of health credit cards. These cards work exactly like credit cards. Many are low interest and easy to apply for. Best of all, most hearing health professionals offer help with applications and can explain the numerous financing options available to today’s consumer.

Health Credit Cards
Credit cards for healthcare are an important part of supplementing insurance coverage. Sometimes medically necessary hearing devices and services aren’t fully covered by insurance or insurance only covers the basic model. Helping to bridge this gap in coverage is a specialized credit card designed specifically to cover healthcare costs. Citi Health Card, the HelpCard, and CareCredit are just a few low interest options available to consumers to help them pay for their hearing aids and other medically necessary devices.

Health credit cards, as with all credit cards, require an application and approval, but even those who don’t qualify can usually get specialized financing by working with their audiologist. Also, many insurance companies allow individuals to up their own coverage by adding supplemental care for things like hearing aids, so make sure to speak with your employer to see if this option is available to you.

Check Insurance Coverage

It's important to check what your insurance will cover before you apply for a health credit card. Many insurance companies cover the cost of a visit to a hearing health professional and sometimes more. People assume their insurance will pay for little of the costs, but this coverage could rise as hearing loss and its implications for a healthy life become more widely accepted. Ask your provider about coverage and check your state insurance mandates to find out what insurance benefits have been mandated for hearing healthcare in your area.

Don't Delay Hearing Loss Treatment

People often cite the high cost of hearing aids as a reason for not treating their hearing loss, but when broken down hearing aids costs just pennies a day; whereas the average person losses 12,000 a year in income due to hearing loss and the collective costs to society is thought to exceed 100 billion annually.

Untreated hearing loss has been linked to cognitive difficulties like Alzheimer's and dementia, an increased risk for social and emotional problems, and now a new study shows it creates a greater likelihood that people will encounter the severe problems associated with sudden falls. All of these reasons are important when weighing options for correcting hearing loss. But the most important reasons are the daily impact it has on your relationships.

If you'd like to learn more, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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