Posted on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Good News About Hearing Aids

A group discussing the good news about hearing aids

Often for those with hearing loss there doesn't seem to be a lot of good news. Thanks to changes in today's technology the good news is pouring in. Today, hearing aid users report higher satisfaction and happier lives. In fact, global studies show people who wear hearing aids are more active, social, and happy than those who don't. And that's just the tip of the good news iceberg when it comes to hearing aids.

Advances in technology continue to offer people simpler ways to live, engage, and play. When the ability to communicate is returned through hearing aids, many times a sense of hearing fitness and openness to the world is also returned. Here's some good news about hearing aid users and physical fitness!

  • 45% of hearing aid owners say that: “I am as physically fit as my friends and acquaintances.”
  • People with hearing aids are more likely to exercise than non-wearers.
  • 70% say wearing a hearing aid during a sporting activity isn't a problem.
  • 37% say wearing hearing aids has let them enjoy sports more.
  • Sporting and outdoor activities improved with hearing aid use by 44.4 percent.
  • 69% believe hearing aids have had a positive effect on their general health.
  • The ability to use a tablet or a smart phone to adjust hearing aids or even to focus them by having your phone become an assistive listening device has improved the lives of people with hearing loss and added to the usefulness of hearing technologies. Rolled out in January, ReSound LiNX is the latest offering in high end hearing aids. In addition, hearing aids are more discreet making diminishing the stigma that some users feel. Here's a Lyric hearing aid users describing his happy experience with hearing aids!

    Hearing Aid Users Spread the Good News!

    Hearing aid users continue to report improvement in their lives and satisfaction with advances in technology. Here are just a few things today's hearing aid users have to say about their hearing aids:

    "I can now hear people talking to me at work, and that's a loud, busy environment, but with my hearing aids I could now focus on numerous things going on at once, and not miss anything.” Tom Allen

    "As a young parent I worried that I would look old, but that also is not a problem, because my aid is only visible if you really look closely. All in all, instead of looking older I come off as a younger less frazzled me!" Patricia Leavitt-Crosby on getting hearing aids at a young age.

    "I am not so alone in the world and I don't need the television turned up so the neighbors can hear it. Best of all I can hear my niece and nephew when they come to visit! " Carmen Audas

    In America, the majority of hearing aid users, 83%, agreed that their quality of life improved with better hearing and 72% said their hearing aids were worth the investment. Not only are hearing aids tied to improved relationships, higher social activity, but they have been shown to have an impact on whole body health. The good news keeps pouring in for those who need to use hearing aids. To find out more about these kinds of technology visit your hearing health professionals. If you need help finding a professional in your area, click HERE!

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