Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Four Secrets Everyone with Hearing Loss Should Know

Couple smiles after learning four secrets everyone with hearing loss should know.

Hearing loss is unique to each individual, even for those that share the same degree and type of impairment. Solutions for treating individual hearing loss can be as varied as the problem, but there are four secrets that everyone with hearing loss should know.

A Hearing Aid Tune Up Might Be as Good as an Upgrade—Today’s new hearing aid technologies continue to improve and create easier listening and better sound systems for people. And yet, if your hearing aids aren’t that old, but don’t seem to be as useful, you might need to have them tuned up. A hearing aid tune-up can include cleaning or routine maintenance or it might be a matter of having an audiologist adjust them to match any changes in your hearing. Hearing aid software allows an audiologist to correctly match your hearing aids to your level of hearing, but this can change over the years. So make sure you visit your audiologist and have routine hearing and hearing aid cleanings!

Your Hearing Aids Might be Covered by Insurance—
Though many people know that their insurance allows them to visit an audiologist for yearly checkups, often people don't know that their insurance might cover other hearing health costs, like paying for hearing aids. Private health insurance is paid for on an individual basis or offered to an individual through their employer. What your health insurance covers is determined by the plan set out by you or your employer. In order to determine what is covered by your insurance, you have to search out specific terms within the coverage agreement. See below:
•Hearing Benefits
•Hearing Care or Hearing Healthcare
•Speech and Language
•Speech Pathology or Speech-Language Pathology
•Audiology or Audiology Benefits
•Rehabilitation Services or Rehabilitative Services
•Physical or Speech Therapy
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Credit Cards for Hearing Aid Financing-- Credit cards for healthcare are an important part of supplementing insurance coverage. Sometimes medically necessary hearing devices and services aren’t fully covered by insurance or insurance only covers the basic model. Helping to bridge this gap in coverage is a specialized credit card designed specifically to cover healthcare costs. Citi Health Card, the HelpCard, and CareCredit are just a few low interest options available to consumers to help them pay for their hearing aids and other medically necessary devices. Health credit cards, as with all credit cards, require an application and approval, but even those who don’t qualify can usually get specialized financing by working with their audiologist. Also, many insurance companies allow individuals to up their own coverage by adding supplemental care for things like hearing aids, so make sure to speak with your employer to see if this option is available to you. Learn More

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Hearing Aids Aren’t the Same—Though many of today’s newer hearing aids provide solid water-resistance—for example being able to withstand thirty minutes of immersion in three feet of water, they do not qualify as waterproof. This distinction is a bit confusing for consumers because some manufacturers claim to have a “waterproof” hearing aid when they have the same IP rating of 5 and 7 (7 being referring to water blockage number 5 referring to dust blockage) that are given to other manufacturers that call their hearing aids “water-resistant” like Oticon’s hearing aids. The highest rating for hearing aids against water and dust seems to go to the Aquaris that has an IP rating of 6 and 8 and that’s really good. Note: There has been some complaints about not being able to adjust the Aquaris hearing aids from the outside due to them having all technology sealed from water. You need to purchase a remote to adjust these hearing aids.

If you'd like to learn more, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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