Posted on Tuesday, October 04, 2016

For the Child in Children's Hearing Loss

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32 million children around the world have some kind of hearing loss. That means that these children have extra challenges with communication and some big issues with stereotypes. But People Hearing Better knows that any child or teen with hearing loss is first and foremost an individual. So today we've compiled a list of fun and joyful ways to help throw off stereotypes and reclaim and individualize your child or teens hearing loss experience.

For a long time, people with hearing loss tended to wanted to hide or blend in, to not feel different. Today there is a new focus on highlighting and appreciating differences in many areas and that includes for hard of hearing and deaf children. Yep, it's taken some time for people with variations in hearing to have representatives in the doll and comic book categories, but as the video below shows things have changed!

As the above video shows the American Girl Doll now makes a hearing loss doll with a hearing aid, but if you already have an American Girl Doll and want to customize her yourself, HERE is a quick and easy way to make your own hearing aid for her!

Blue Ear is a hard of hearing superhero created by Marvel in 2012 and who was recently joined by Sapheara in the new Marvel Comic titled Sound Effects!

If your child wears hearing aids or Cochlear Implants, you know that sometimes the hearing aid is all people see. In order to take back individuality, here are some fun links for customizing hearing loss for your child or teen!

Hot Tubes! are a fun way to energize the plain tubing on your hearing aid by adding colors. It lets individuals with hearing loss express themselves. Hearing loss is, after all, a part of them, so why shouldn't they get a chance to define it too?

HearRings are fun and colorful accessories designed specifically to accent and enhance hearing aids!

SkinIt allows you to create your own cover for some hearing aids and Cochlear devices.

My Lugs was developed by a UK mom in order to give her child's hearing aids a more individualized representation of the person beneath the hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fairy Wings are a crafty and beautiful way to decorate hearing aids for the child who loves fairies and who has always dreamed of flying.

Hearing Aid Clips are essential for younger kids with hearing aids, but that doesn't mean they need to be boring. These clips are custom and have fun themes for all the things that children love, like Ninja Turtles.

Hearing Aid Charms are beautiful and artistic ways to add some bling to your child or teens hearing instruments.

Just for Teens!
For the self-confident teen there are some fun and funny t-shirts like, "That's not a hearing aid, I'm spying on you" available that lessens the stigma by showing that people with hearing loss, like everyone else, can have a sense of humor.

Here is a really good list of ways to customize hearing aids by The Cookie Bite Chronicles that might be a bit too edgy for younger kids, but that your teen would probably appreciate!

Books and Stories

Harmony Hears a Hoot! teaches children with hearing loss who are starting school what they can expect and how to be prepared socially for this new adventure! This link is to help support the kickstarter, so here's your chance to join in a good cause!

Customizable Hearing Loss Puzzles and Worksheets

Sign Language Coloring Books these sign language coloring books are a fun way to introduce hearing children to the different signs that someone with variations in hearing might use in order to communicate. If the teacher agrees, they are good to bring into your child's class!

If you'd like to learn more, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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