Posted on Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now? Roger That!

Phonak's Roger pen allows people to hear in noisy situations.

In Staefa, Switzerland a group of engineers and audiologists has spent the last seven years developing an astounding new technology for Phonak. This advanced technology, with the unassuming name Roger, allows people with hearing loss to hear as well or better than those without hearing loss in some of the most challenging listening environments. In other words, this new technology finally and triumphantly provides the solution for the long-time problem of people with hearing loss--how to hear in background noise.

For years scientist have struggled to find a solution to the background noise dilemma for people with hearing loss. The problem has always been developing technology that narrows in on wanted voices without increasing unwanted sounds. For example, if you are in a restaurant you want to hear the people at your table, but not the people at the next table. According to a paper published in the American Journal of Audiology, at high noise levelsPhonak's Roger works "allowed significant speech recognition where it was previously impossible." In fact, this technology allows people with hearing aids to understand speech in a noisy situation and over a distance up to 62% better than people without hearing loss in the same situation! This isn't saying Phonak has developed technology that let's people have the hearing of Superman, but for people with hearing loss, people who have struggled at restaurants and social and work settings, it is saying something equally as exciting--go out and feel confident in your ability to hear. Not only does it allow people to hear in difficult listening situations, but it is adaptive to those situations and adjusts accordingly.

Roger technology is an assistive listening device. Which means that it is not part of a hearing aid but something that connects to a hearing aid. This technology snatches wanted sounds from the air and delivers them directly to a person's hearing aid. The technology can be placed on a table or worn in a pocket. Below is a video testimonial of people who have used this improved technology.

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