Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Audina's Latest Hearing Aid Captures Wide Frequencies

Arro hearing aids

Spring has sprung! And if you're looking for hearing aids or just browsing the latest tech, you might be aware that manufacturers are releasing their spring lineup at the AudiologyNOW! convention. In the next few weeks, PHB will go over a couple of the new releases and introduce you to some of the manufacturers. We'd like to start with a Florida based company called Audina.

Audina Hearing Instruments has been manufacturing hearing solutions since 1990. That means they've been at it for 26 years. That's young enough, in HA manufacturer terms, to be hip and hungry, but established enough to know what they're doing. Although Audina has a Florida address and boasts that their HA are made in the USA, they also have a global presence. Just as important, Audina seems to take seriously its commitment to each customer and to customer service. According to the manufacturer, "Exceptional Quality and Customer Service is not just a way of doing business; it is a way of life at Audina. It is the key to our success!"

Audina's list of hearing aid styles includes Behind-the-ear (BTE), Completely-in-the-canal (CIC), Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC), In-the-Canal (ITC), In-the-ear (ITE), and Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC). And their latest offering center around two hearing aids: The Arro® and the Octane®.

Arro® : The Arro® family of hearing aids takes pride in having brought to market their "Open Fit Power Seal Thin Tube." Not only is the tubing on the Arro® BTE, as the name suggest, thin and light, but the manufacturer brags that it "captures the entire frequency range." In short that means it allows users to hear more of the subtle variations in frequencies. And along with Audina's sound processing and an environmental recognition system, these BTE's reduce background noise and occlusion. The Arro® has P2i nano-coating available to help block out moisture and is available in 2, 6, or 12 channels. Not sure what a channel is? Read this PHB article on the Pros and Cons of Multiple Hearing Aid Channels.

Octane®: The Octane® is what is sometimes called a super power hearing aid. That means that it is specifically designed for people with severe hearing loss. Audina's use of a fist punching through a wall of glass to represent how the Octane® shatters that muffled silence is pretty powerful. As for what this high octane BTE does, the manufacturer reports it's, "Able to achieve 148dB of output and 88dB maximum gain." This is another way of specifying that this hearing aid is fully capable of meeting the needs of people with severe hearing loss. In addition to this high output the manufacturer notes, "Using a customized dual receiver, the Octane® is able achieve these power levels while maintaining stable performance free of feedback." "Free of feedback" is something that makes anyone with hearing loss stand up and take notice. Like the Arro® , the Octane® is available in 2, 6, or 12 HA channels. It also sports directional microphones, 4 memory settings, and voice prompts. As with any hearing aid this powerful and still relatively small, users want to be reassured that the battery can keep up. The Octane® can do just that boasting a 675 battery.

If you'd like to learn more about Audina and their latest line of hearing aids, see your hearing health provider. If you need help finding a hearing health provider click HERE to be connected with the largest network of trusted hearing health professionals in the nation!

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