Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Art of American Sign Language

Sign language is an artistic way to communicate. It involves intelligence and creativity and context. American sign language (ASL) is thought to be the fourth most used language in the United States, behind English, Spanish, and Chinese. It is considered easier to learn than most languages and is a valuable skill to add to any resume. But that's not all. There are many important and beneficial reasons to choose to learn this artistic form of communication.

American sign language (ASL) has a lot of benefits for those wishing to learn another language, including personal benefits that most people might not have considered.

  • Expand Horizons and Your Brain
  • Learning any language is good for your brain. It boosts your cognition and enhances abstract and creative thinking. But learning sign language has the added benefit of being good for your heart. When you open yourself up to the unique cultural experience that comes with interacting with the hearing loss community, you introduce yourself to a unique group of people with a lot to say! Bob Hilterman of the wacky website Shut Up and Sign has made it his mission to not only teach people sign language but to make it fun.

  • Unique Skill
  • Sign language has taken center stage in recent years. Not only is it used at public events and speeches, but it also is becoming more common on television and at conferences. In addition, many deaf and hard of hearing kids are main streamed, so there is a real need for those with this ability. Learning sign language adds to any resume, as it not only gives you a marketable skill, but makes an important statement about the person. The skill of sign language is becoming more in demand with universities and with communication specialties like marketing and television.

  • Hand and Eye Coordination Improvement
  • Sign language, as any language is a great benefit to your mind, but it is also an incredible benefit to your hand and eye coordination. It helps to maintain the flexibility and quick reflexes that enhances and uncomplicated your life in many different areas--not just with sign language!

  • Spelling Superstar!
  • Using your fingers to spell out words is an incredible benefit to your mind, solidifying your spelling skills and even improving them. You can become a spelling superstar by keeping yourself nimble not just in your fingers but in your mind.

  • American Sign Language University
  • Learning sign language is a respected way to increase your knowledge, skill, marketability, and human interaction.

    A recent TED talk discusses the ASL and the benefits of paying attention and the way sign language is also communicated through facial expressions.

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