Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2014
Blockage within an ear like this one can cause problems hearing.

Typically the Eustachian tube within the middle ear opens to regulate pressure in the ears. Swallowing and yawning contracts muscles in the back of the throat that help control the function of the ear and this sometimes relieves the feeling of fullness that comes when the air pressure within the Eustachian tube is not being regulated properly, as with flying. But the fullness or the feeling that you can't hear properly can be a sign of a more serious blockage within the middle ear.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Cruise ships can be fun for people with hearing loss.

Cruises provide a comfortable way to visit a variety of places in a relatively short time. They can be great fun for people with or without hearing loss. If you have hearing loss and are planning a cruise, we have a few helpful tips that can make your cruise more enjoyable and hassle free.

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Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2014
Men like this one often suffer from tinnitus due to work or military experience.

Tinnitus impacts over 12 million Americans, nearly two million of which classify the phantom whistling, buzzing, or whining sounds as debilitating. No cure exists for tinnitus, but new treatments are being discovered that show huge promise. One of these treatments is vagus nerve stimulation (VNS).

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